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Defense For Young People In School Hearings

At Lozano Meza Law Firm in El Paso, we will fight for your child’s rights in any school-based controversy. Your child’s alleged offenses may be criminal in nature or they may simply be violations of school policies. If their normal school life is at risk, it is important to get legal counsel as soon as possible.

As dedicated school hearing attorneys, we bring the same skills to administrative forums that we do to criminal courts. Whether your child faces a school suspension, expulsion or alternative education placement, we are here to help. We will attend all school hearings and can help with the appeal process if necessary.

Areas of School Hearings And Administrative Assistance

If you need help getting your voice heard when it comes to bullying or so-called special education placement, please call us today. We are ready to advise you and stand up for your child’s right to an uninterrupted education despite allegations or issues including those listed below:

  • Threatened expulsion for any reason
  • Suspension or threatened suspension
  • Allegations of bullying
  • Experiencing bullying as a target
  • Disciplinary hearings over any criminal charges or violation of school rules

Your child does not have to be facing school disciplinary issues for you to reach out to us. Perhaps you need to understand the student’s rights in another context such as the following:

  • Alternative education placement
  • Questionable curriculum placement

Through our juvenile defense practice, we have received many requests and referrals to represent students and their parents in school hearings. In more than 15 years of law practice, we have gained a strong reputation in the area of school disciplinary and administrative hearings.

Ready To Represent You And Your Child In School Hearings

You don’t need to fear the heavy-weighted school authorities when your child has been suspended or is threatened with alternative education placement against your will. Let us help you put your child in the best light when decision-markers convene. We are here to stand up for your child’s well-being now as well as future educational outcomes.

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