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In Defense Of Texans Charged With Federal Crimes

It should come as no surprise, but federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ATF and IRS pursue criminal investigations and prosecutions with almost unlimited resources. People charged with crimes as a result cannot ignore their need for a strong defense.

These investigations can take months or even years before they end up in a federal courtroom. Many of these federal crimes call for severe penalties, including lengthy incarceration and steep fines, under the federal sentencing guidelines. At Lozano Meza Law Firm in El Paso, our defense attorneys aggressively advocate for the futures and freedoms of our clients who face potential consequences such as these. We are determined to protect your rights in the face of a federal criminal arrest or investigation.

Areas Of Our Firm’s Federal Crime Practice

We will aggressively defend you or your loved one in every stage of the federal process when you are facing federal criminal charges. Our services include pretrial intervention, plea bargaining and negotiation, as well as advocacy in a trial and, if necessary, during sentencing.

Our representation covers the following and other federal crimes and related issues:

  • All felonies and misdemeanors
  • Cyber crimes
  • Conspiracy
  • Drug offenses
  • Fraud, money laundering and other white collar crimes
  • Human trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Organized crime
  • Weapons charges

As necessary, we will fight for you to prevent extradition. If you end up in prison for any length of time, we will fight for your right to timely parole if warranted.

Get A Reliable Defender On Your Side After A Federal Crime Arrest Or Investigation

There is no time to waste if you have been charged or if you are rumored to be included in a federal crime investigation. To improve your defense attorney’s chances of success on your behalf, allow for a speedy and thorough investigation on your side of the case.

Start as soon as possible working with one of our defense lawyers on your federal crime defense. Call 915-706-2111 or complete an inquiry form to schedule a free consultation.