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Charged With DWI Or DUI? We Will Defend You.

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs are serious criminal charges in Texas and elsewhere. Besides the risk of jail time and high fines, you could end up with a criminal record, causing lasting damage to your employability and many other aspects of your future. It is essential to do everything you can to prevent a DWI or DUI conviction.

Most people worry first of all about their driver’s license. Each of us has more than 15 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, so we understand your concerns and priorities. We are ready to act immediately to help you preserve your driving privileges if possible. Turn to Lozano Meza Law Firm in El Paso for strong guidance at every stage of your DWI or DUI case.

Protect Your Driver’s License And Clean Record If Possible

Keeping your driving privileges usually means pleading your case in an administrative hearing that must be scheduled within 10 days of your arrest. If we take your case, we will draw on all evidence we can find while also telling your story convincingly in an administrative hearing.

DWI applies to all drivers who with a .08% blood alcohol content. DUI charges refer to drivers under the age of 21 who have any amount at all of alcohol or drugs in their bodies while operating a motor vehicle. We will defend you from all associated criminal charges, including:

  • DWI (first, second or subsequent arrest)
  • DUI involving drugs or alcohol (for drivers under age 21)
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license

Our focus at all times will be to help you keep your record clean or to prevent worsening it if you already have a previous conviction. The outcome of your DWI or DUI case can have serious ramifications in many areas of your life, including work and your personal life. We each have more than 15 years of experience defending Texas drivers and out-of-state drivers who were arrested while visiting our state.

Addressing Your Unique Considerations

You no doubt have many questions and concerns, some of which may be unique to your life circumstances such as those described below.

  • Do you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)?
  • Is child custody a source of worry for you?
  • Are you a professional or public figure with much at stake if your case becomes public knowledge?
  • Is alcohol abuse a problem in your life?

We have helped many clients address alcohol dependency while also defending them vigorously in their DWI or DUI cases  Whether you are a professional driver of any kind or a non-U.S. citizen worried about your immigration status, we are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About DWI And DUI In Texas

In addition to the strong legal representation we offer, here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding DWI and DUI in Texas:

Are DWI and DUI the same thing in Texas?

While DWI and DUI involve driving under the influence, they have key distinctions:

  • DUI: This applies to minors under the legal drinking age of 21 with any detectable alcohol in their system. It’s a Class C misdemeanor with penalties like license suspension and fines.
  • DWI: This applies to adults over 21 years with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher or those showing signs of impairment from drugs or alcohol. It is a Class B misdemeanor with harsher penalties.

Either way, Texas law takes a strict stance against driving under the influence, with separate charges for DWIs and DUIs.

Will my license be suspended due to a DWI in Texas?

As a victim driver, your driving privileges can be suspended through two different legal channels:

  • The Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Program: There’s an initial suspension through the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). You have 15 days to ask for an ALR hearing to contest it; failure to do so may result in your license being suspended after 40 days.
  • The criminal court system: If you are convicted of DWI in court, the judge can impose an additional license suspension as part of your sentence.

While an ALR hearing can challenge your license suspension, a separate criminal court conviction may still impose its own suspension.

Does an arrest for DWI appear on a background check if my charges are dropped?

Yes, an arrest for DWI in Texas will likely appear on a background check, even if the charges were eventually dropped. This is because the state maintains a record of all arrests, regardless of the case’s outcome.

Can I refuse field sobriety tests when pulled over in Texas?

In Texas, field sobriety tests are not mandatory. In that case, you can refuse a field sobriety test in Texas. However, refusing may strengthen the officer’s suspicion of impairment.

Your Point Of View Matters To Us

No matter what your top priorities are after a DWI or DUI arrest, we will advocate for you and guide you to the most favorable outcome attainable in your case.

To schedule a consultation, call 915-706-2111 or send an email inquiry. We can visit you in a jail or another convenient location if you cannot come to our El Paso law office.