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Don’t Stay Stuck In Prison When You May Be Eligible For Parole

A criminal conviction followed by a jail or prison sentence is a disaster for most people. While you are incarcerated, you may become out of touch with your usual work and social life. Getting back into society can seem like climbing a tall mountain after you have become accustomed to life behind bars.

Fortunately, many people have the chance to try for parole after serving portions of their prison sentences. At Lozano Meza Law Firm, we keep this possibility in mind for every client to whom it is relevant. Yes, we work hard to keep our criminal defense clients out of jail or prison, but when it becomes inevitable that they will be detained for at least some period, we start preparing convicted people to apply for parole as soon as they are eligible – and how to succeed if they are granted parole.

We Will Represent You Before The Texas Board Of Pardons And Paroles

The state agency named in the heading above is where parole petitions are decided. That agency also determines the required conditions for parole, and when parole should be revoked. If we represent you after your incarceration begins, we will make sure that you understand all the rules about parole, including the following:

  • You must have served at least one-quarter of your sentence or at least 15 years

Certain types of criminal convictions, such as sexual abuse involving a child, have more stringent requirements for parole seekers.

Through personalized counsel, we will help you understand how to maximize your chances of holding onto your parole after you achieve this status or perhaps obtaining clemency from the governor of Texas.

Get The Most Out Of Your Opportunity For Parole

We counsel clients who are eligible on ways to poise themselves for a successful attempt at parole. When they achieve parole, we stay in close communication with them to make sure they do not violate rules and land back in prison.

Discuss your options for obtaining parole or another favorable post-trial outcome when you are convicted at trial. Learn about ways to prevent a conviction in the first place, if at all possible. Call us at 915-706-2111 or schedule a free consultation regarding your state or federal criminal case in Texas.