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Truck Accident Lawyers In El Paso, Texas

Truck accidents leave a trail of devastation, pain and uncertainty. Beyond the vehicular damage, they can also present severe injuries, trauma and often the loss of a loved one. A personal injury lawyer is of immense help during these challenging periods.

Lozano Meza Law Firm has more than 15 years of experience serving El Paso clients. Throughout the case, our attorneys will provide unlimited and reliable support to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve while compassionately telling your story.

Types Of Truck Accidents

Understanding the various types of truck accidents is essential for comprehending their dynamics and navigating the legal and emotional aftermath. Here are some of the common truck accidents:

  • Rear-end collisions: These occur when a truck strikes the vehicle in front of it.
  • Rollovers: They involve the truck tipping over onto its side or roof.
  • Underride accidents: They occur when a smaller vehicle slides underneath the truck’s trailer.
  • Blind spot accidents: These can happen when vehicles enter or linger in blind spots, leading to collisions during lane changes or turns.
  • Wide turn accidents: If the semi-truck lacks ample space to make turns, it may lead to collisions with vehicles occupying adjacent lanes or pedestrians crossing the street.
  • Tire blowouts: Tire blowouts on trucks can cause the driver to lose control, resulting in accidents.

Enlist the help of our personal injury lawyer to increase your likelihood of obtaining fair compensation. By leveraging our expertise and resources, you can better focus on your recovery while our lawyers aggressively pursue justice on your behalf.

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Unfortunately, truck accidents in El Paso are not uncommon. However, Lozano Meza Law Firm is here to help you receive the best possible compensation that can enable you and your family to recover from the accident’s aftermath.

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